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APEX 5040

The APEX 5040 Mobile Hydraulic Stage is a large format mobile stage providing for a 50'(w) x 40'(d) x 30'(h) stage area capable of supporting 46,000 lbs. The unit comes complete with backdrop, railing, stairs, and skirt. The unit in its standard configuration can be installed in 4 hours with as few as 6 stagehands to assist the lead APEX tech. Additionally, when applicable, the APEX 5040 has been upgraded with full vinyl weather protection on all three sides as well as an upgraded beam system to accommodate most any rigging configuration. This allows for better point placement and large video walls without compromising the use of the wind wall system. Additional staging can be supplied to accommodate any size tech wing configuration as well as large crossovers and loading docks. Façade packages can be added to not only change the look of the stage and provide for better promotional décor, but also allow for large video screens and out fill audio placement.

APEX 5040
APEX 5040
Amplify 5040 with Facade
Amplify with full vinyl walls
Rockfest 5040 with Facade/Video
Carolina Rebellion 5040
Carolina Rebellion With Facade
APEX 5040 with clearspan tech wings
Upstage crossover and tech wings
APEX 5040
Brickyard 400, APEX and Scaff
Indy 500 Carb 2017
APEX and Scaff
Brickyard 400



Trailer Length                                      53'


Trailer Width                                        102"

Trailer Height                                       13'3"


Stage Floor/Deck

Performance Area                                50'(w) x 38'6"(d)

Floor Height (From Ground)                4'-6'8"

Deck Rating                                         150 lbs./sq.ft


Stage Roof

Covered Roof Areas                            52'10"(w) x 39'6"(d)         

Trim Height                                          29'6"(h) Deck to low steel

Total Rigging Capacity                        46,000 lbs.

Install/Load In Time                             1 Tech, 6 Hands = 4 Hours


Additional Features

Full Weather Protection                        Blk Vinyl Wind Wall (All three including downstage left/right)

Wind Load Capacity

Additional Beam System                     Allows for improved rigging placement and load capacity to                                                                                    accommodate LED video wall support

Add-On Options

Tech Areas                                          24'(w) x 40'(d) wings with 24'(w) x 32'(d) Fully protected Clearspan Tech                                                                areas

Crossover/Loading Dock                     16'-24'(d) x 100'(w) Upstage Crossover Decking for Set Change and                                                                      Gear Storage

Roof Façade                                        60'(w) x 35'(h) Total Structures, Self Ballasted, Load Bearing Roof Façade                                                              to accommodate Show/Sponsor Branding and Stage Left/Stage Right                                                                    Video Support


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