Total Structures Roof 45'x45'

The Total Structures 45' x 45' roof features an aluminum covered roof 45'(w) x 45'(d) with options for covered wings and gives the look of an actual roof as opposed to the mobile look. This roof has the ability to hang rigging in just about any location.

45x45 Total Structures Roof4 (1)
45x45 Total Structures Roof3 (1)
Freeman VP Debates Concert Stage
Roof 45'x45'
VP Debates 2016
Roof 45'x45'
VP Debate 2016


Total Structures Aluminum 45'(w) x 45'(d) Roof System 

Width                                                      45'10"(Outside Dimensions)/41'6"(Between Towers)

Depth                                                      45'10"(Outside Dimensions)/41'6"(Between Towers)

Height                                                     45'+(From Ground)/30'+(Trim Height from stage to low steel)

Max Rigging Capacity                            40,000 lbs. UDL on main grid

Wind Load Rating                                   70+ mph(wind load ratings and high wind action plan will be shown                                                                                 specifically taking into account all production elements, soft goods, and                                                                         ballasting plan).  NOTE: Must be approved by engineer of record.

Optional Add-Ons                               

Sound Wing Package                            10'-20'(w) Goal Post Fly Bays for Audio


Video Wing Package                             10'-20'(w) Goal Post Fly Bays for LED Video or Deco

Max Rigging Capacity                            5,000 lbs. UDL based on configuration and point loading

Wind Walls                                              73% Blow Through Vinyl Wind Walls

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