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Total Structures HD Aluminum Roof System

The Total Structures Outdoor Stage Roof is now the world wide industry standard. With three large systems in our inventory, Rock City Staging has the ability to accommodate most any size structure and wing configuration needed. The versatility of the roof components allows for multiple custom designs and roof/wing expansions with ease. The components can also be used for the construction of various auxiliary structures, be it stand alone video bays, audio delays, or large entryway systems. Roof payload is primarily determined by the number and type of towers used in the system. It can vary, from 12,000 lbs. on small roof configurations up to 60,000 lbs. on large configurations, based on tower placement, ballasting, and engineering. Each system is custom designed and professionally engineered around your specific needs. , Unlike many of our competitors, we do not own a cookie cutter roof that is limited to its single basic design. Let us help you design the system that accommodates your event's specific production requirements.

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