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Stageline SL320

The Stageline SL320 features a 40' wide x 40' deep x 24' tall stage area. The SL320 is the largest SL series mobile stage and has a load capacity of 26,000 lbs.  It can be setup in 3 hours with a small 4-6 hand crew assisting the stage tech.  The SL320 is the perfect stage for speed and efficiency, allowing clients to provide a quality 40'x40' stage with minimal labor and expense.




Trailer Length                                      53'


Trailer Width                                        102"

Trailer Height                                       13'3"


Stage Floor/Deck

Performance Area                                40'(w) x 39'(d)

Floor Height (From Ground)                3'6"'-6'

Deck Rating                                         100 lbs./sq.ft


Stage Roof

Covered Roof Areas                            42'10"(w) x 40'8"(d)         

Trim Height                                          24(h) from floor to beams and 25'2" Downstage Deck to low steel

Total Rigging Capacity                        26,000 lbs.

Install/Load In Time                             1 Tech, 4-6 Hands = 2.5 Hours


Additional Features

Full Weather Protection                        Blk Vinyl Wind Wall (All three sides)

Add-On Options

Tech Areas                                          24'(w) x 40'(d) wings with 24'(w) x 32'(d) Fully protected Clearspan Tech                                                                areas

Crossover/Loading Dock                     16'-24'(d) x 100'(w) Upstage Crossover Decking for Set Change and                                                                      Gear Storage


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